Forage Kits – a forage kit is used to package and send your sample to the lab. It includes a plastic sample bag for packing the sample, a sample information sheet to select your analysis and a postage paid return envelope. The sample submission process is easy — simply seal your sample in the plastic bag, fill-out the sample information sheet, place both in the return envelope and drop in the mail. Contact us and we’ll send you as many of these as you like. Price: FREE

Hay Probe – the original Penn State stainless steel hay probe designed to last a lifetime. Essential for sampling hay, the probe is the only way to obtain a representative subsample from individual bales. The probe is 18 inches long to take a good cross-sectional core sample as the bale is probed. The sharp, serrated tip cuts smoothly through the hay. A hay probe is the only true way to sample hay and insure the accuracy of your results. Instructions included.

Order a hay probe and receive a Free Equi-tech analysis.

Download a sample information sheet

For use with electric or battery (18 volt minimum) drills.
Price: $130.00

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