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Manure Analysis

Manure is a byproduct that horses produce on average 55 pounds every day, and most stables store manure in a holding area until it is removed from the property. However, testing manure can be an asset for a few reasons.

  • Following a CAFO Regulation: Many states have environmental regulations when it comes to manure management on large animal operations. Horse barns located at racetracks and show jumping events fall under these regulations. Testing manure can help with finding proper ways of disposing of it or providing nutrient information relevant to farms that apply it to crop fields.
  • Research Study: Measuring the impact of a feeding program can benefit from manure analysis to see what nutrients are and are not being absorbed by a horse. Equi-Analytical has worked with many different institutions on a variety of studies, and manure is an area that some use in these studies.

To submit a manure sample for testing, please use this form.

For more information about CAFO management resources available, visit Agricultural Consulting Services.

Additional Resources for Manure Management on Horse Farms

University of Minnesota – Managing and composting horse manure

PennState University – Horse Stable Manure Management