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Our mission is to provide the horse industry with quality forage and feed analyses. Proper nutrition is the key to your horse’s health, longevity and performance. Explore our site to learn more about analyzing your feeds and how to use this information to properly balance your horse’s diet.


This company is awesome! Due to several health issues its critical I know what I’m feeding my horses, and Equi-Analyical’s service is amazing. They have incredibly quick turnaround time and are great to talk to regarding questions.

Carol Grubb

Optimal Health

I have horses with different nutritional needs, and I have learned that how hay looks can be much different from how it actually tests from a nutritional perspective.  Equi-Analytical has helped me fine-tune my animals’ diets to keep them at their very healthiest!

Dancing Horse Farm

Excellent and Reliable

Equi-Analytical's excellent and reliable services constitute the backbone of my horses' diets and ration balancing.


Kim Fellows

Quick and Professional

The quick and professional service Equi-Analytical provides helps me do my job better. The information I receive makes my life easier when working with horse owners in the field and helps maintain happy and healthy animals.

Dylan Dombrowski, Purina Animal Nutrition