Nutrient Requirement Tables

Nutrient requirements are based on mature body weights. Click on the mature body weight or breed of your horse to bring up the appropriate table.

Mature Body Weights

Lbs. / Kg.441 / 200661 / 300882 / 4001102 / 5001323 / 6001543 / 7001764 / 8001984 / 900


Albino, AmericaHackneySaddlebred, American
AndalusianHaflingerSelle Francais
Belgian, AmericanIcelandicSpanish Mustang
Belgian ArdennaisIrish DraughtStandardbred, American
Cleveland BayLustianoTenessee Walker
ClydesdaleMiniature Horse, AmericanThoroughbred
Cream Draft, AmericanNorwegian FjordWaslkaloosa
CriolloOldenburgWelsh Cob
DulmenOrlov TrotterWelsh Pony
Dutch WormwoodPasoWelsh Pony, Cob
ExmoorPercheronWelsh Pony Mountain
FlemishQuarter Horse, American

The nutrient requirement tables are from the National Research Council (NRC) 1989 Nutrient Requirements for Horses. The requirements are based on the latest documented research. All of the requirement values in the tables are the total amount of each nutrient required per day. For example, an 1102 lb. horse at maintenance requires 656 grams of crude protein (CP), 23 grams of lysine (Lys), 20 grams of calcium (Ca), etc.. Your analysis report provides results in grams/pound or grams/kilogram so that you can calculate the nutrient contribution from the analyzed feed.